Lingerie and Football Make a Good Combination

Whoever thought of putting attractive women in lingerie on a football field is a genius.  It’s as good a combination as peanut butter and jelly, chicken wings and buffalo sauce, and sky diving and wearing a parachute.  And the Lingerie Football League is no powder puff game.  These women came to compete and to hit.  There wasn’t a single time in the game that I saw any fear even though all they were wearing for protection was small shoulder pads and a helmet.

Anytime lingerie football is brought up the first time to anyone, there seems to be an instant fascination  with it and an interesting discussion follows.  And it was no exception when one of my co-workers discovered it and brought it up in the office.  By the end of the conversation several of us had already made plans to go to the game between the Las Vegas Sin and the Green Bay Chill.  So when Debi and I got to the Orleans Arena we weren’t sure what to anticipate but we were looking forward to finding out.

The show before and during the game was similar to what you would find at any professional sporting event.  The ususal dance music to energize the crowd, the darkened arena and bright colored lights during player introductions, the usual consumption of beer, and an even higher level of testosterone in the stands.  While the crowd wasn’t large, probably not even a couple of thousand, the ones that were there were intense.

It only took the opening kickoff to realize they weren’t messing around, as the runner was thrown around and slammed to the turf.  For the next hour and a half it was women running full speed into one another, knocking each other on their asses, and sometimes kicking them after they had knocked them on thier asses.  As a pass that was intercepted by a Las Vegas defender was being run down the field, a fight broke out at the other end  with fists flying that would have excited a hockey fan.  But it wasn’t only the beauty and brutality that entertained.  There was also a level of skill that I hadn’t expected.  The quarterback for the home team repeatedly flung the ball half way down the field to recievers that made impressive catches.  She finished the game having thrown for five touchdowns and the Sin easily won 30-0 for an undefeated season and setting up a playoff matchup in their next game against the Los Angeles Temptation.

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