A New Year, Some New Thoughts

This past year saw some difficult times for us, but also left many wonderful memories.  I’m sure that 2012 will bring it’s own challenges.  Some of these are known, but like always most are unseen.  But New Year’s Day is about optimism for the future.  It is about potential.  It is a blank page with an unlimited possibility of stories to be written. And looking ahead Debi and I have a lot planned for the New Year.  We have a lot of writing to do to fill those blank pages. 

Some plans that we have made are already definite.  Next weekend we will be heading up the mountain for a stay at the resort to go snow shoeing.  The weekend after that we are leaving for Phoenix.  And the dates aren’t set yet but we are going to Costa Rica, our first trip to Central America.  I am certain that we will be making several return trips back home to Salt Lake City and Indianapolis.  Other trips we have talked about making include West Palm Beach for spring break, an Alaskan adventure for what is expected to be the best season for the Northern Lights in 50 years, and many weekend drives and side trips. This doesn’t even take into consideration we live in Las Vegas with the seemingly endless entertainment opportunities.

Or will this year be time for a once in a lifetime trip.  Maybe a visit to Myanmar. A nation still ruled by a military regime but who’s cold relationships with other nations are thawing, and tourism is now legal and visitors can enter.  Or will this year bring our first trip to set foot in Africa or South America.  It truly is a blank page waiting to be written and we are looking forward to writing this adventure.

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